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Getting vitamins

Collecting your free vitamins with your NHS Healthy Start card

How to use your card to get vitamins in England and Wales

If you live in England, your primary care trust, health board, or health trust is responsible for making free Healthy Start vitamins available to you.

Ask your midwife or health visitor where to get your free Healthy Start vitamins. You can also find who stocks Healthy Start vitamins in your local area on the NHS Choices website (opens in a new tab). To collect your free vitamins, you’ll have to show your Healthy Start card as proof of your entitlement.

If you live in Wales, you can collect free Healthy Start vitamins at your local health board by showing your Healthy Start card.

How to get vitamins if you live in Northern Ireland and have a Healthy Start card

To get your vitamins in Northern Ireland:

1.    Wait until you receive a letter from us which gives further instructions.

2.    Contact the Business Services Organisation (BSO) (opens in a new tab) in Northern Ireland.

3.    The BSO will check your entitlement and post your Healthy Start vitamins to you.

Collecting your free vitamins with your paper vouchers

Food vouchers are issued every 4 weeks but vitamin vouchers are issued every 8 weeks. Every other vitamin voucher will have “VOID” printed on it. This means the voucher cannot be used to collect vitamins. In 4 weeks time, the next voucher pack will contain a valid vitamin voucher.

You can use your vitamin vouchers at a registered distributor. You can ask your midwife or health visitor where you can redeem your coupon.

You can find locations to collect vitamins in England by checking online (opens in a new tab).

How to use your paper vouchers to get vitamins in England and Wales

You can collect your vitamins from a local distributor. To collect your vitamins you’ll need a valid vitamins voucher.

To get your vitamins in England:

  1. Find a distributor that can provide vitamins (opens in a new tab).
  2. Bring your vitamin vouchers to the distributor.
  3. Get your vitamins from the distributor.

How to use your paper vouchers to get vitamins in Northern Ireland

You can ask for your vitamins to be sent to you. To get your vitamins you’ll need to send us your vouchers.

To get your vitamins in Northern Ireland:

  1. Put your vitamin vouchers and your Healthy Start letter in an envelope – the Healthy Start letter is the letter with your address on it.
  2. Send the envelope to:

Business Services Organisation
Healthy Start vitamin scheme
Pinewood Villa
73 Loughgall Road
BT61 7PR

After your envelope has been received your vitamins will be sent to you in the post.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions that people may have about the Healthy Start scheme

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